Sally's Jealousy (F/F yiff, unwilling vore, digestion/scat)

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Sally's Jealousy (F/F yiff, unwilling vore, digestion/scat)

Postby GenericBunny » Wed May 06, 2009 10:47 pm

This is my second completed story, and I wanna see what everyone thinks. Please feel free to critique me!

Sally's Jealousy

CONTAINS: F/F willing yiff, unwilling vore, digestion, VERY DETAILED SCAT

Sally Acorn happily opened her door as Fiona walke d in, smiling sensually at her as she locked the door behind her. She had invited her over earlier that day, not telling her why though. Their friendship had been sort of rocky over the past few weeks, with Fiona growing close to Sonic causing a lot of jealousy in the princess. Though it wasn't true, the squirrel had grown furious when she heard a rumor that the hedgehog actually slept with the fox, she nearly puked thinking about it. But the vixen was largely oblivious to her anger and jealously, still saying hi to her every day and being friendly.

Fiona blushed deeply through her fur as she looked at the princess. Truthfully she had always thought she was hot, and had been attracted to her. She didn't show it, but she was amazed and in joy as she looked over her body. Her slim hourglass figure, slender but firm hips, cute little rump, tail, and C breasts were to die for, she thought to herself. Right now her nipples were clearly visible through her fur, and the area between her legs was noticeably damp. She stopped her gawking and quickly stepped in, taking a seat on her couch as she looked back at the princess. "So... you wanted to see me?" she asked softly.

Sally smiled, letting out an "Mmm-hmm" as she slowly stepped toward Fiona, swaying her hips and acting as sensual as she could to gain her trust. "Hehe, yes my vixen... I wanted to have some fun, you see." She suddenly stepped in between her legs and bent down, looking up at her. Even through her skintight jumpsuit, the princess could clearly smell Fiona's arousal, thinking that this might be easier than she thought! Slowly she crawled up the fox, putting her muzzle between her breasts and nuzzling.

"S- Sally... what are you doing?" she asked as the squirrel suddenly bit the zipper, slowly unzipping her jumpsuit. Fiona didn't mind in the least, actually wondering if the princess knew about her lust for her. She was just suprised and amazed that she was coming out to her like this! Slowly the suit came off, her breasts spilling out in an equally tight bra, her erect nipples showing quite clearly through the silk cloth. The suit slid down her quite easily, while she held her arms straight. Her matching panties were pulled down a bit as they stuck to the suit, exposing her swollen slit that oozed with femcum. The fox blushed and let out a small yip as she quickly pulled them back up, trying to hide her arousal and maintain some level of formality.

"Hehe, what's wrong? I'm turned on too, see foxie?" She suddenly climbed onto her and embraced, rubbing the area between her legs on her knee. She rubbed her sticky femcum rubbed all over Fiona's legs, rubbing her left leg over Fiona's slit and pulling her panties down as well. The vixen just melted, losing all self control as she embraced Sally, locking into a deep kiss.

Sally wasn't planning on things going this far, but decided to play along as she returned the kiss. She started to loose focus as the two got into a tounge war, Fiona having a huge advantage thanks to her long canine tounge. Momentarily breaking the suction between the two's lips, the fox whispered "Oh, I've wanted you for so long!" before continuing. Losing all sense of self decency, the vixen worked her hand between the two and buried her fingers into Sally's pussy. Sally gasped at the sudden wave of pleasure, first one, then two, then three fingers wriggling inside of her!

She immeditley started to do the same to Fiona, when she felt something blocking her fingers, a hymen! "Hehe, haven't enjoyed anyone's company before?" the squirrel playfully teased as she traced her fingers across the rubbery surface. The fox blushed, and shook her head, still smiling before going for yet another kiss. Suddenly it hit Sally like a ton of bricks. "Wait, if she's a virgin, then she couldn't have..." she thought to herself, before the vixen suddenly thrust her fingers as deep as possible.

Almost as if Fiona hit a reset button, Sally stopped thinking and went for another kiss as she slowly pressed harder on her virginity. She was in too deep to not go through with her plan, so she just went ahead and enjoyed herself as she thrust her fingers forward, causing a "Yerf!" as her hymen gave way to the squirrel's fingers. The two were lost in lust and passion for each other, using their free arms to embrace as they fell sideways on the couch.

Sally never even imagined herself as a lesbian, yet here she was making love to a beautiful vixen. Fiona always felt a lust for other females, but had never experimented with anyone, or even dared to tell anyone of her secret. They were both lost in ectasy as Sally reached over and undid Fiona's bra, allowing the two to feel each other's wonderful furry bodies. As Fiona continued her toungeplay, Sally stroked her tail, before beginning to tease her tailhole. Fiona murred and reached around, feeling her soft tail before digging her fingers into her tailhole, prompting Sally to do the same.

Both felt their orgasms approaching as they bug deeper into each others orifices, rubbing their breasts one one another. Sally managed to dig her entire fist into the vixen's anus, feeling it lock into her slimy rectum as Fiona cried out. Suddenly all at once, they both dug their paws and wrists as deep as they could into each other, sending both over the edge. A torrent of femcum gushed from between the vixen and the squirrel as they cried out, while they both kept thrusting for as long as their stamina would allow.

They both remained over the edge for over a minute, while they slowly retracted their fists. This proved to be both painful and pleasurable as they held each other. The vixen continued to tease Sally's tailhole, wriggling a single finger inside. "Heh, that's where you're gonna be comming out of later on!" Sally said to her. Fiona paid little mind, not knowing or caring what she meant. She slowly started to suckle on Sally's teat, making her moan softly as she gently squeezed Fiona's breasts.

Sally broke the embrace first, laying next to her as she dug her fingers into her pussy, drawing some of her sweet honey out. Before Fiona could protest, Sally stuck her hands into the vixen's maw, as she murred at the taste. Fiona did the same, placing both hands into the squirrel's maw. Sally murred at the sweet taste, before she realized this was her chance! She started to suck on the vixen's hands, slowly allowing them to poke into her throat as she began to finger Fiona's slit once again. Fiona didn't even notice the gullet taking hold of her paws and wrists as se threw her head back in pleasure.

Fiona was about to take her hands and slip them into Sally's pussy as well, but something tugged tight and refused to let go. At first she thought Sally was getting ready to do something kinky to her, but when she looked forward, she saw her elbows disappear into her maw! She giggled nervously and tried harder to pull herself out, but Sally's gullet wouldn't budge. The vixen came out of her ectacy and went wide-eyed, remembering Sally's confusing statement from earlier.

"You- you're trying to eat me!" Fiona screamed. Sally simply mumbled an umm-hmm though her arms as more of her slowly disappeared down her gullet. Sally suddenly stopped her fingering as she gripped the sides of Fiona, starting to pull her in faster as she sat up. "Please! Stooo-" was all she managed as the princess suddenly jerked forward, trapping the vixen's head in her gullet. Her stomach gurgled fiercely, knowing a large meal was approaching.

Fiona began to softly sob within Sally as more of her entered. She tried kicking, but her feet were still tangled in her jumpsuit from earlier. With a bit of effort on the squirrel's end, the fox's breasts entered her gullet, while her hands penetrated the stomach sphincter. The vixen desperately started wriggling her arms, trying to find something to grab onto. Her hands felt a strap, and she grabbed it, only to discover that it was her bra. Sally suddenly pressed once again, pinning both of her hands to their sides.

Fiona's head pressed the sphincter to the stomach, she felt the slimy gullet rippling over her naked body, trying to push her down further, and eventually her muzzle and head popped through. Sally's stomach bulged just slightly as Fiona's head entered, gurgling very loudly around her. The vixen suddenly felt the squirrel grip her legs as her rump entered her maw. Without warning, the tounge attacked her still swollen pussy and clit, causing her to gasp at the sudden pleasure. She just melted from the combined tounge massage and gullet all over her body, beginning to twist in order to rub her erect nipples around the tight tube. Sally was relentless as she drew the fox's feminine honey from her, momentarily releasing her grip.

Fiona started to slide again, but stopped as Sally suddenly jammed her fist into the vixen's tailhole with extreme accuracy, knotting it in as she drove it deep. Fiona yelped as both the princess' tounge and fist drove deep into her, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Sally's fist became coated in gastric juices and mushy shit, actually pressing into her colon! She practicly forgot where she was as her body was overcome, and she felt herself coming closer and closer to climax.

Sally vigorously thrust her fist inside of Fiona while attacking her clit. She wanted to taste as much of her sweet honey as possible before sending the vixen on her digestive trip. The princess spread her legs from one end of the couch to the other, jamming her fist deep inside. The fox within the gullet kept on wriggling, lost in pure bliss as she got closer and closer to her edge, until finally exploding on the tounge. She sprayed her sweet femcum until it overflowed out of the squirrel's mouth, with the princess slowly slumping over as she moaned through the vixen.

The taste was enough to send her over the edge as well, drenching her paw and wrist in femcum as the fur matted down. She suddenly yanked her fist out of Fiona's ass, causing a small yelp as she was brought back to reality. Sally's gullet began puling again, forcing the vixen's shoulders into the slimy stomach. The air was becoming quite arcid, as the intestines gurgled loudly below, preparing for their meal. The vixen tried kicking once again, but it was far too late as her knees slid into the maw. Sally was still lost in bliss, now coming back to reality. She giggled as she realized her paw was covered in the vixen's shit and gastric juices, sticking it between Fiona's legs and on her tounge to taste it.

Fiona just sobbed softly as she curled up in the squirel's belly, starting to feel tingling wherever her fur touched the slime and small pool of juices. By accident, Sally started swallowing the jumpsuit on Fiona's legs as well, but didn't bother to do anything. Them being inside out gave off a sweet scent and taste from being stuck to the fox all day, as Sally slurped them up, soon finishing them off.

Fiona was beginning to feel a burning sensation throughout her body, her fur already beginning to fall out as the juices slowly rose. She knew it was over as soon as the sphincter sealed in front of her feet, and didn't even budge as she tried jamming a foot into it. The vixen started to panic, desperately clawing at the walls while she watched her skin dissolve.

Her fur was coming out in clumps, while Sally's gut churned wildly to mix the acids. She gave up struggling, just sobbing as her body slowly dissolved. Suddenly as the acid reached her muscles, the fox started screaming and punching wildly, as the feeling of fire overtook her entire body. "Let me out of here! I'll do anything, please!"

Sally just continued massaging her massive gut, slowly allowing the feeling of sleep to overcome her. "Hehe, goodnight my vixen! I'll see you when my tummy's done with ya!" Sally slowly fell asleep, as the struggles subsided within. As the vixen was turned to mush, her belly shrank a great deal, and she let out a huge belch just as the vixen started to get squeezed into her intestines.

Sally slept soundly as her gut gurgled wetly, processing the vixen. She murred in pleasure whenever Fiona's bra or panties got pulled around a corner in her intestines, the soft fabric tickling as they got stretched all around. Her belly shrank a good deal as the fox was liquefied and compressed, while Sally's breasts and hips grew just slightly. Much of the air that was swallowed along with her amplified the gurgles, being squeezed around from one end of the intestines to the other.

When the remains of Fiona reached the large intestine, something went wrong. The jumpsuit formed a clog in the sphincter, causing the rest of Fiona to build up behind, causing a discomfort in Sally's bowels. She subconsciously began to swallow air, trying to clear the clog as more and more air and water pressure built up. Soon the pressure was great enough to blast the jumpsuit out of the way, packing it near her appendix as air and shit poured in, causing a very pleasurable pressure. But now, all the air that had been swallowed was in the large intestine, and began to pressurize in the squierl's rectum. The large intestine slowly turned the goop into a more solid mush, while the slop was pressed in from her upper bowel.

Eventually, Fiona pressed into Sally's rectum, and the air pressure was too great to hold. A HUGE blast of flatunce escaped Sally's ass, causing her tail to lift as the smell of rotting vixen filled the room. Sally woke up a bit confused, but the smell quickly told her what happened. The princess rolled over onto her back, lifting her legs and hooking her feet on her shoulders as she started to massage her ass. The squirrel giggled as she thought about how sexy she must look in this position, while poking a finger into her tailhole and releasing another small fart. She thoroughly massaged every bit of her firm but squeezable rump, noticing it seemed a bit larger than she remembered.

"Hehe, does the foxie want out of the squirel's ass?" She grunted and pushed, before another burst of gas escaped her tailhole. "Well, if you insist I suppose!" The princess continued rubbing her rump cheeks, until suddenly feeling a pressure on her anal sphincter. She had to clench just to keep it in, accidently getting a bit on her fingers. As she sat up, she continued to clench, feeling a very pleasurable pressure within her bowels. "Mmm, you don't wanna wait, do ya?" she playfully asked her gut, getting a loud gurgle in response. Slowly she began to massage her gut, clenching her tailhole tight as another small squeak of gas escaped.

Sally's lower bowel was stretched tight with vixen remains, with even more sludge building in
her small intestine. Her upper intestines were also filled with water, not being able to be absorbed due to all the pressure. Her rectum was filled with a gigantic solid turd, pressing harder and harder against Sally's anus as the pressure built.

Sally got up, hearing the fluid splosh around inside of her as she wobbled over to the door. It was still night, though the first signs of dawn were approaching as she looked outside. Nobody was out, and no one would see her unusually distended belly. The last thing the princess wanted was for a rumor to start that she was knocked up. Slipping on her vest and boots waiting at the door, she stepped outside and headed for the forest. With each step, her gut gurgled and churned loudly, eager to rid its burden.

Inside, her rectum and bowels were filled with tightly compressed shit that was once Fiona. Many of the bones were in the large intestine, while her fur and other small undigested bits remained in the small intestine. The further away from Sally's anus, the less compressed the waste was. Wet gurgles erupted from all around as air and liquid was pushed around.

Looking around to make sure nobody could see her, Sally smiled as her gut gurgled once again, a small fart escaping her anus as she put her hands on her knees. She leaned forward on herself as she felt her rectum getting ready to contract again, already feeling the turd pressing aganst her anus. "Hehe, sounds like you want out! Well, hate to keep ya waiting, hehe" Keeping the same position, the squriel took her hands off her knees and gripped her rump. She stuck two fingers in from each hand as she loosened, stretching her anus as wide as possible.

The first thing to escape was another loud and thunderous fart, which vaugley smelled of fox. Sally blushed and giggled as the air escaped, not exactly acting like a princess at the moment. The large coil of shit slowly pressed forward, until Sally felt something unusually smooth press on her anus. As she slowly stretched wider, she realized she was crapping out the skull of the fox! She had a bit of trouble at first, but enough air pressure had built up so that within seconds, the skull shot out of her with yet another explosive fart, this time clearly smelling of female fox.

Sally smiled as she looked back and saw the first part of what was left of the fox, clearly feeling more of her shift around in her bowels. Soon a giant log began to emerge, laced with fur and bone. The princess put her hands back on her knees, murring deeply as she felt her anus stretch to the limit. The log was helped by the pressure of the mushy shit building up behind it, while Sally's belly shrank as it exited. Soon gravity took over and it fell out, landing with a thud right in front of Fiona's skull.

Sally's anus let out more gas, it's own sigh of relief as the pressure went down. Sally's anus started to go back to normal, when the large coil pressed on it. She smiled as she flexed her tailhole, the coil of shit immeidetly following. The area between her legs was moist with arousal as all the embedded fur and bone tickled her anus, while a perfectly formed pyramid of shit began to form, covering the first turd and skull. Her belly continued to shrink back to its original size, as she pressed a paw to help her get all of Fiona out.

Sally's bowels seemed to burn in pleasure as their contents were elimated, while more goopy sludge poured in from the small intestine. The coil slowly became looser and looser, some wet farts escaping from air pockets, while it started to break mid air. Soon the squirel's bowels were almost compleley clear, as a femur fell out of her ass, followed by another loud and wet fart.

Sally smiled at the relief of having just finished a HUGE shit, when she suddenly heard an even louder gurgle than before. It seemed something stuck in her small intestine had given way, and even more goop was shooting into her large intestine. She plugged a finger into her anus, feeling pressure build in her rectum. The squirrel wondered what could be left that could be causing such loud gurgles, until sticking two fingers inside from her other hand, and stretching.

A wet fart exploded from her ass, followed by a rocket of goopy and watery poo. The mess splattered everywhere, luckily missing most of Sally's legs. The princess pressed her gut as tight as she could, moaning loudly at what seemed like a reverse enema. At long last she was empty, and her ass let out it's own sigh of relief.

Sally sat against a tree as her tailhole tightened again, while she admired her creation. Occasionally a fart would escape her rump, still clearly smelling of vixen. As she shifted around however, she noticed an abnormal feeling in her gut. Getting a rather kinky idea, she slouched forward and started to finger her tailhole. With a bit of effort, she actually managed to get her entire paw and wrist into her anus and rectum! She murred deeply as she felt around, feeling the occasional small chunk of poo, but mostly slime and gastric juices that were left over. Suddenly she felt something, and started to pull it out.

She murred in pleasure as whatever it was tickled her insides, feeling it was some kind of cloth. When it was fully out, she recongnised it as the skintight jumpsuit Fiona had been wearing the night before. Smiling, the squirrel tossed it onto the steaming pile as she got up. She fingered around one last time, and also found her panties, which felt equally pleasurable as she pulled them out. While she balled them up in her hand to carry back, she realized her breasts and hips were slightly bigger than before, and smiled as she looked back and thanked what was left of Fiona for her amplified hourglass figure.

As Sally walked back to her hut, she purred softly at the ticklish feeling in her anus, small gurgles still emitting from her gut. Shitting out the furry vixen remains was by far the most pleasure she had ever felt. Nobody would ever suspect her, though one mobian would notice the bra sticking half way out of her tailhole as she walked back to her hut.

Sally continued to have several MUCH larger than normal shits for weeks, thanks to her stretched rectum. Each time she would squat in the woods, and enjoy the feel of the fur-laced shit stretching her sphincter as it was squeezed out of her ass. The princess was dissapointed when her bowels were finally free of every bit of Fiona's fur and bones, not being able to enjoy the ticklish feel anymore. She thought about possibly trying again on another mobian female...

To be continued?
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Re: Sally's Jealousy

Postby voriator212 » Wed May 06, 2009 11:37 pm

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Re: Sally's Jealousy

Postby PunkPrestige » Thu May 07, 2009 9:22 am

This reminds me of when my dog used to eat my elastic headbands when I'd leave them lying around...the result was never pleasant.
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Re: Sally's Jealousy

Postby voriator212 » Thu May 07, 2009 9:46 am

i got an idea on how they try and escape.
they plant their feet on the bottom of the stomach and kick-off repeatedly towards the entrance of the stomach until it's forced open, and then climb back out that way.

you can then have the prey to swallow them back down and they fight to keep from getting pushed back down, then as they make it to the top where they can stick the top of their head out, have the prey push them back down with their finger.

other three options after that is optional

1. have them tear through the belly button
2. out through the anus (as a brown log or whole)
3. they cast a spell to trade places with someone twice or 5 times their body weight, and have her burst open on the way down the hall to the ER while their belly gets bigger.

came to me in a dream. only problem is, i can't write it descriptively :oops:
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